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Kenn McKinnon

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Armed Forces Day June 2012

On 30th June was Armed Forces Day where we had a stall set up in George Square which was manned by S/ms Joan Lowe, Frank Hart and our chairman Kenn McKinnon. On the stall we had gizzits for the public in the form of hats for the kids, stickers for cars with a rum barrel for adults which went down very well. S/m Eddie Pollar assumed command of our members who took part in the parade and marched from Holland Street to George Square. A big thank you to S/m Kenny Grieves for acting as standard bearer. After the parade there was a civic reception in the city chambers. Many thanks to all who attended

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  1. shipmate bob donnachie9 July 2012 at 12:34

    I was quite surprised at the parade to find that the army organisers once again managed to mess things up,it seemed to be there intention to push us from pillar to post,the organisation left a lot to be desired,we were left milling about like lost souls,its about time that an approach was made to the organisers regarding this,well done to the shipmates who acted as STANDARD BEARER,and shipmate Eddie as parade commander.